────────────────────────────── aspen

they/them | nonbinary lesbian | multifandom

hey, i'm aspen. not really much to say about myself but i'm just some person on the internet. i'm not active on twitter too much but you can find me on other platforms (↴) doing random shit. i'm an avid worldbuilder and love talking about my ocs too.click the images to learn more about me.

interests ────────────────────────────


doctor who
good omens
sky: children of the light
lord of the rings
game of thrones
sleeping at last
vincent diamente
lord huron
the paper kites
i also read a lot - fantasy and sci-fi books are my favourites.

──────────────────────────── dni/byf

transphobic/homophobic/ableist/racist/sexist etc (typical dni criteria)support bi/pan lesbiansinvalidate neopronouns/xenogendersare a nmd (not my doctor)proshipprolife