aspen / avery / eden / theta

welcome to my carrd lmao

i'm aspen, a perpetually online multifandom idiot, but who's mostly interested in doctor who. please inform me if any of my tweets make you uncomfortable ! dms r always open as well ^^

i'm asian, and a nonbinary aroaceflux lesbian. most of my applicable social media links are above in the header!

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bold = main interests/hyperfixations


  • doctor who

  • good omens

  • undertale

  • deltarune

  • sky: children of the light

  • wings of fire

  • supernatural


  • the doctor

  • castiel

  • clara oswald

  • yasmin khan

  • donna noble

  • napstablook

  • undyne

  • alphys

  • susie

  • noelle

  • ralsei (my beloved)


  • peter capaldi

  • jenna coleman

  • misha collins

  • jodie whittaker

  • mandip gill

  • sacha dhawan


  • thasmin

  • thoschei

  • spacewives/doctorriver

  • twelveclara

  • deancas

  • ineffable husbands

  • tenrose

do not interact

please do not interact with me if you are any of the following:

  • support bi/pan lesbians

  • invalidate neopronouns/xenogenders

  • hate on my comforts/interests

  • don't believe in self-diagnoses

  • transphobic/homophobic/ableist/racist/sexist etc (typical dni criteria)

  • are a nmd (not my doctor)

  • pro-shipper

  • pro-lifer

  • ship incest/selfcest etc (stay tf away from me please)

before you follow

read this before you follow me!

  • please use tone indicators with things that can be misinterpreted!

  • i'm terrible with carrying on conversations, and am socially awkward. if i do anything wrong please notify me.

  • softblock me to unfollow.

  • i won't follow back if you have fonts in your bio/display name/profile